Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mommy & Me

This is a picture of Mommy & Me last Saturday night before Mommy & Daddy went to dinner. Mommy had just come home from her Spa Day - doesn't she look pretty!?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More time to blog

It has come to my attention that I hardly ever blog anymore. Mostly it's because I need my Mommy's help to blog - and she has been ever so tired lately. She wants to help me but has a lot of exhaustion due to the baby in her tummy. We are having a baby in May - and hopefully Mommy will start a blog for that baby too! How cool...huh?

Anyway...things have been really fun around here. I'm talking up a storm - my favorite things to say are : ambukar (yogurt tube), gucks (garbage trucks), coocooz (cookies), appy day (happy birthday), muzik (music), pikal (pickle), cheez (cheese), monkay or ooo ooo eee eee (monkey), doll, soup and nap. Everyday I'm able to add new words to my vocabulary, and Mommy and Daddy are amazed at my progress.

I also love to sing the "ABC" song, count to 10, and read books to myself and others. I also love animals - especially my kitties - but I really love my sock monkey "Bobo" (his name is from the book "Hug").

I love getting straws at Starbucks, going to My Baby and Me class, and playing with Natalie at church. Emma is still my best friend, and we talk everyday on the phone.

Hopefully I have convinced Mommy to start posting more blogs for me about my daily adventures!