Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas Update

We started off the Advent season making gingerbread houses.  Mommy was a bit surprised she had to build them before we decorated them, and of course the mess was epic.  Next year she said she'll buy a plastic throw-away table cloth so that we can pick up and toss when we are all done.

Next Evie had her violin recital, which was really LONG but she did a great job.
Evie loves her violin

After the recital we enjoyed a lot of activities leading up to Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, here are some pictures from our visit with Grandma and Papa Tom:

All three girls with new journals

Rainbow Loom - YES!

Emma was thrilled with her combined gift: a labtop

Secret diaries!

Christmas PJs

Didn't know Darth Vader was part of Christmas, did ya!

Joke time

Cards and Money from Papa Ray
More joking!

We also went to Holiday Nights with Grammy and Papa.  I begged for a long time, because Mommy and Daddy told us it was only for adults.  We had a really good time!

Thank you letters to Santa

Loved the craft works area at night

On Friday, our beloved Papa Ray went to heaven.  We are very sad, and will always carry him in our hearts.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

What We Did In November

We had a very eventful November.  Our Art class had its final class for the fall semester:

However, Mommy wanted to make sure we were still able to do a community service project.  So Evie and I spent a lot of time sorting through bottles and cans and tearing off the poptabs to give to the Ronald McDonald House in Ann Arbor.

One of the things we most enjoy about Homeschooling is that on many days we are very relaxed and able to spend time with those we love.

November ended with a week of vacation and some fun times with each other.

We are looking forward to December and the adventures it will bring!