Sunday, May 25, 2014

Final Poetry Readings

Spring and End of the School Year

We have had a VERY busy school year, and we have leaned SO much.  Here are pictures from the last two months of our life.

Mommy got Evie this unicorn hoodie as an early Birthday gift!

Evie needed a new helmet this year.

Emma gave us dress up clothes - we had some fun!

Mommy and I picked out the color of my room!

Evie's Birthday muffins

And some fruit to round out the dessert.

Birthday girl!  7 Years old!

Mommy made curtains out of a shower curtain.

We brought Grammy's childhood dresser home from Papa Ray's.

I really loved the drapes.

Another shower curtain hangs in the doorway of the closet.
Mommy bought a new lampshade and the room was complete!

Here is Evie doing her math.

I drew a picture to go with my essay, "I Love Minecraft."
Me doing math.

Evie hoped to make money playing her violin for the neighborhood.