Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Baby & Me

tonight Mommy and I are going to our second My Baby & Me class at the Dearborn Early Learning Center. Last week we played, sang, danced, and made tissue paper apples. It's a preschool class that in two years I'll be able to go all by myself! I especially loved finding things in the room that were the color red. I found two red things! I am really good at colors - when I want to be!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

leaving Mommy behind

today marked a big day in my life: Mommy left me in the church nursery and I didn't cry! Now I suppose I should tell everyone that Mommy has never left me in the church nursery before, so it's not like I have been crying every Sunday. However, this was the first time that someone babysat me that wasn't family! Mommy was so proud of me! I had so much fun with my friends Natalie and Lily, and I especially loved Miss Emily! She really is a FUN babysitter! Mommy got her name and number for future reference too.

Last week I went to my first My Baby & Me class and had a really good time with Mommy. We played, sang, danced, marched, and did this really cool craft with tissue paper, crayons, and glue sticks! I made the best red apple EVER! But it was such a great class and I can't wait to go again this week. I also started the Our Time Kindermusik class yesterday with Daddy. I still get to see Miss Mary and all my old friends from my Village class last year. However, the Our Time class has older kids in it - and I had a great time watching them dance, sing and play instruments.
I am really looking forward to all the adventures this next week will bring!

Monday, September 11, 2006

school starts

This week I start two classes: My Baby & Me at the Dearborn Early Learning Center and Kindermusik Our Time.

My Baby & Me is a class that I'm taking with Mommy on Wednesday nights. Mommy says that it is a class with lots of fun things to do: playing with other children, singing, dancing, making crafts, and just having a great time learning. Mommy is looking forward to meeting new Mommies and kids, and just having fun.

This year I start Our Time classes at Kindermusik. They are classes for 18months - 3 years. That's right - I'm in the next level of classes :) More fun music experiences for me!

But I am just like big kids...I'm going back to school too!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

last night in holland

While in Holland I enjoyed spending all three evenings at Ben & Jerry's. It was my first cup of ice cream, and I really loved it!

On Saturday we also went to Kollen Park. It was a GREAT park right by the water. I loved playing on all the slides, swings, and other stuff! I loved it so much, I didn't want to leave.

We came back on Saturday and Mommy's best friend, Dana, was in town. Dana has been living in England for the last 12 years with her husband, Phil. This was the first time I got to see Dana, and I really loved showing her my toys - especially "Little Man" from my legos.

We also had a great week. Tuesday we visited with Mommy's friend, Rachel, and her daughter, Natalie. Natalie and I loved pushing each other in the wagon. We are getting together next Tuesday too!

Mommy has been very busy this week getting all her music together for teaching this fall. I really enjoy listening to Mommy play and sing new songs.

I can't wait to blog next week about the Labor Day weekend. Daddy is home three days in a row!!