Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's New with Us?!

We had a VERY busy and fun week!  First we went Strawberry picking with Mommy and Daddy.  Evie and I had a great time.  Then Evie and I went to a fun Birthday Party for our friend, Red

On Monday, after a fun day at Greenfield Village and a trip to the Library, our caterpillars arrived.  Mommy was surprised how big they already were, but Evie and I had a great time naming them: Lily, Babycakes, Cupcake, Shimmer and Sunshine. 

On Wednesday we visited Aunt Kelly and Emma in Ann Arbor.  A yummy lunch at Seva and a great visit.  We purchased a dinosaur excavation kit from the Museum of Natural Science.  And on Thursday I was able to dig away (with the help of Evie of course). 

Then on Saturday we went to the Bat Zone with Mommy, Daddy, Grammie, Papa Tom, and Uncle Joe.  That means we also got to enjoy Cranbrook Science Museum. 

Today Mommy and Daddy bought us scooters and Daddy took down the overgrown bush in our backyard. 

Here are some pictures of our busy week!
Strawberry Picking at Rowe's Produce

Here I am with beautiful tasty strawberries!

Evie didn't want to leave!  "Just one more, Daddy!"

Day #1 with caterpillars

Day #1 of caterpillars

Day #4 of caterpillars

Day #5 of caterpillars

The digging begins

T-Rex spin has been revealed!

I was busy with this project for over an hour!

A bit more delicate work to be done

The T-Rex LIVES (minus one arm that Mommy lost down the drain)

Cranbrook Institute of Science

Mastodon at Cranbrook

Dinosaur exhibit

King of the tree hill

Evie on her 3-wheel scooter

Me on my 2-wheel scooter

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dance with your heart

Evie and I had a wonderful recital last Saturday, June 10th.  Here are some of the pictures Mommy took!

Evie's ballet rehearsal picture: "Baby Ducks"
My ballet rehearsal: "Spoonful of Sugar"
My pretty costume!
Me - closeup
Smiling pretty!
Evie and the costume she considers "DISGUSTING!"
Close up of Evie!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another School Year Comes to an End!

A lot has been happening in the Martin household these last couple of weeks.  We have been so busy, that I haven't had a chance to update this blog.  However, today I decided it was about time to catch everyone up with what has been happening.

The end of school activities began with the Preschoolers Spring Concert.  Mommy noticed that Evie "mouthed" the words, but at least she looked happy.  A couple days were super hot - in the 90s and close to 100 degrees!  Evie and I had a great time in the sprinkler.

Then the last week of school brought the Kindergartener's Play: Brer Coon and the Frogs.  I was Brer Rabbit.  Then I officially graduated from Kindergarten.  The rest of the week brought the Preschool Graduation (Evie participated but is in preschool one more year), the Kindergarten picnic, and the Letter People Parade.

The last week of school is over, and tonight is our dance recital.  We are very excited to show pictures of that too! 

Here are some pictures of me and Evie for you to enjoy.

Evie's Preschool Concert
Me playing in the sprinkler!
Dancing in the water!
Evie and her squirt gun!
"I'm gunna get you Mommy!"
Brer Coon and The Frogs - Kindergarten Play
We had an "acted reading" of the play
I was Brer Rabbit!
Here I am graduating from Kindergarten!
2011 Graduating Kindergarteners!
Dearborn Christian's Awards Assembly
Preschool Graduation
Letter People Parade
A Happy Parade!