Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My 11th Birthday!!!

(and Future Doctors)

My surprise Birthday pizza!

We had my party at Michael's!

We had a blast at Future Doctors!

Black History Month

This February Evie and I studied black history, like we do every year.  However, this year we each read a biography and did reports on our famous people.  Afterwards we visited The Henry Ford Museum to visit their exhibit called With Liberty and Justice for All.  Here are some pictures of our adventure!

Here is Evie with her guy - Frederick Douglass

in jail for women's rights

in jail for women's rights

we are both on the famous bus

I'm sitting in Rosa's seat!

we helped make a real Model T

My famous person was Rosa Parks, and here is the portrait and video I made about her:

Evie did a special report on Frederick Douglass, and here are the portrait and movie she did for him: