Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day comes at the end of a long week.  Evie has been sick, and I had a two doctors appointments that worried me.  Mommy was also sick, so Evie and her had a bit of fun yesterday wearing face masks and making a fun hat.

My orthodontist said I needed to have my canine teeth pulled.  Lucky for me, the one came out last week.  But I had to have the other pulled yesterday afternoon.  Here is a blurry picture of the tooth:

Mommy let me stay home today from school, because I had the tooth pulled (can't eat anything that isn't soft) and I went to the dermatologist this morning to treat the molluscum on my skin.  Thankfully they didn't have to freeze it off, just put a chemical on it and I have to go back in two weeks.  We are decorating cookies, and later we will have tea with Emma.

We are also visiting our neighborhood school later today to have a tour.  Mommy hopes we like it and can stop wondering and worrying where we are going to go to school in the fall.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!