Thursday, August 31, 2006

hisorical holland

We also went to historical sites in Holland: The Holland Museum, Cappon House, Settlers House, and Independence Park.

Here I am playing peek-a-boo with Mommy (and Mommy's camera) at Independence Park. I'm so silly!

This is me looking at the BIG fountain at the center of Independence Park. I loved watching the water, and saying "water". Water is one of my many new words!

This is Mommy and I outside of the Cappon House. Mr. Cappon was Holland's first Mayor. We had a tour through the house and through the Settlers House, which was a VERY small house down the street. Mommy thought it was really interesting that the Cappon house and Settlers house were the only two houses on the street for awhile. The lifestyles of the people would have been SO different. Don't we look pretty all dressed up? After a day of historical viewing, we went to dinner at Butch's Dry Dock. I had a great cheese pizza and Mommy and Daddy loved thier meals too.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

windmill island

On Friday we went to Windmill Island. The windmill, called the Swan in English, was getting painted. Four years ago Mommy & Daddy helped start the windmill turning, but the painting kept the windmill from working. It was ok for me, because I had so much running around on the farm. Daddy and I ran all over the place, up and down hills, and around and around.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

lake michigan

another place we visited (on the same day as Dutch Village) was Holland Metro Park and Lake Michigan. I built my first sandcastle (with Daddy's help), played in lots of sand, and had my first step in the cold, lake water. I wanted to swim out and get myself entirely wet (even thought it was really cold), but Mommy and Daddy told me I had to stay on the shore. I would have loved to play at the beach all day, but a storm came and we had to leave. When we left the beach we took a drive around Macatawa Bay and then we had a yummy dinner at the New Holland Brewery.

Monday, August 28, 2006

dutch village

One of the many places we visited while in Holland, was Dutch Village. It was a little tourist trap (Mommy called it that), that had a candle maker, wooden shoe factory, and other kid friendly exhibits.

Mommy loves these pictures of me! I had so much fun trying on the wooden shoes, but this BIG shoe was really fun!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

vacation in holland

...we just got back from a wonderful trip to Holland, MI.

We were there for a few days and we saw so much: Dutch Village, Windmill Island, the Cappon House (and Settlers House), the Holland Museum, New Holland Brewery, and Lake Michigan!

I had so much fun, and Mommy & Daddy took lots of pictures. Once Mommy gets the pictures online, I'll have to post my great adventures!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

celebration weekend

Tonight we are going to celebrate GG and Papa Roy's 60th Wedding Anniversary. That's a long time together! Before we go we are going to go shopping to the mall to get Mommy and Daddy a few things AND me another potty to have downstairs.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Papa Ray's 88th Birthday! I'm very lucky to have three Great-Grandparents still alive!

We are also going to be going on a vacation - to Holland, MI - on Wednesday this week. I am sure I'll have a lot of adventures so share!
It'll be my first trip to the beach (first time being on a lake), and Mommy is just glad we are getting away for awhile.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

new shoes and a dress for mommy

Today Mommy and I went with Gramma Brown to Laurel Park Mall in Livonia. It was my first visit there.

We went to Mommy's new favorite "mall" store - Von Maur. I got two new pair of shoes. One are from Stride Rite and the others are Robeez for the house.

Mommy was also able to get a really beautiful dress for a wedding she's going to in September. Mommy is singing and playing for the wedding and then Daddy and her are going to the reception.

It has been a very exhausting day for Mommy and me!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

new swing and other stuff

Wow! It's been a week since I blogged!

A lot has been happening in my family. Monday Mommy taught piano lessons while Gramma Brown babysat. Tuesday Mommy and I took Mommy's car in to Belle Tire. After two hours of waiting, we went home. I had a 3-hour nap that afternoon. I was asleep when Gramma Brown came over to watch me while Mommy took the car back to Belle Tire. Wednesday we spent with Aunt Kelly and Emma, after we did a bunch of errands. Thursday we spent the day cleaning house and playing in the pool. Friday we had so much fun over at Rachel and Natalie's house. They are my new friends. Mommy has known Rachel a LONG time! I also cut my second eye tooth on's still really bothering me! Ouch!!!

This weekend brought a new swing in my backyard! Uncle Joe and Daddy hung it last night. We got the swing from our friends the Crombez family. They knew how much I loved to swing in it at their house, so they let me have it to use here!
Today we spent 3 hours at Mommy's work - Kindermusik. Mommy was organizing all the stuff around the classroom. Then we went to this great park and played for awhile. Later Gramma and Papa Martin are coming over for dinner. What a super-cool week!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

using a potty I pee peed on the potty for the first time! Mommy has noticed that I am aware of going potty in my diaper. I wake 99% of the time from nighttime or naptime with a dry diaper, I say "pee pee" and "poo poo" when I have gone, and I try to take (or take) my soiled diapers off. So she decided to start introducing the potty idea. She has my little potty right next to the big potty. When Mommy goes potty I pretend to go in my little potty. This morning she took my dry diaper off and I peed in the potty all by myself! Mommy will continue to try and have me go after waking up from nighttime or naptime. Then she plans on establishing times to encourage me to go. I'm really excited about using the potty!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

say cheese!

...that's cheesy mug! I've been teething for the last week...on not one, but two eye teeth. They REALLY hurt! As you can see, I already have 12 teeth in my little mouth, and Mommy says that there are 4 eye teeth that have to make their way through! Then, I hear, that there are 4 molars that come in when I'm 2. However, I have been told (by older kids) that the 2-year molars are nothing! This really makes Mommy happy...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hot, hot, hot! has been so hot these last few days, that I am really hoping for a cool-off soon!

Mommy says that it should be cooler tomorrow, but until then it really is uncomfortable! I haven't slept well, and therefore, neither have Mommy and Daddy. Last night I was so hot, I woke at 1am and stayed up with Mommy down in the living room for 2 hours. We had a snack, and I drank a lot of water.

Mommy says that she finds these last few days (the heat that is) ironic. We got our gate installed on Friday, and it was done so I could play in the backyard without escaping down the driveway. However, with the heat, Mommy won't let me play it makes her laugh that the day we get the gate the weather has been brutal!

This past week has been quite busy. Mommy and I went to lunch with Papa Ray on Thursday, and I barely made it through lunch without falling asleep! Then Mommy and I went to the Henry Ford Museum with her friend, Roger, on Friday. Roger seemed to really like me - of course the verdict is still out on how I feel about him. Although Mommy says we'll visit with him again soon.

Then Monday my Grandma and Papa Brown returned from a trip to Alaska. They rode on a couple of planes, buses, trains, boats, and a cruise ship! Mommy and I visited with them for a little while yesterday. It seemed like it had been forever since I saw them!

Mommy is glad that this week is a relaxing one. She says things have been too crazy around here!