Wednesday, June 29, 2005

chaos of life

...and the power kept going off.
Monday night we lost power again, at around 8pm. Mommy & Daddy were very upset, but they seemed to have things under control. We got to spend the night in the livingroom on a mattress from the spare bed. Mommy and Nana had to empty the food from our refrigerator. The power came back yesterday at 12pm, but unfortunately went off again before 4pm. I know this because Mommy came back home to turn on everything at 2pm and when we came home to put the food bad into the fridge at 4pm, the power was off! Luckily when Daddy came home to feed the cats the power came back on. It was 5:15. Almost an entire day without power.

Mommy & Daddy were told that the power outage on Saturday had to do with a transformer in Taylor, and Monday the power house in Dearborn was on fire!

Today Mommy and me are cleaning house, doing laundry, and washing dishes. Three things that were neglected since the power started going out!

Monday, June 27, 2005

go blue

...yes, and green too, Daddy :)
My Papa is a BIG (did I say BIG), yes, B-I-G U of M fan. When Emma was a baby he bought her the little onesie I'm wearing in the picture above. My Daddy went to MSU, which is U of M's big rival. So Daddy wasn't thrilled to put me in this outfit, but Papa and Mommy had fun posing me for pictures. Daddy will have to get me some MSU stuff to wear...if he wants to see me in their colors!

Another week has started, with lots of new adventures for me. I can't wait to share them with you!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

thank you mr. edison

...yes, and you Mr. Franklin.
We lost our electricity a few times yesterday. At 1pm the power went off, came back, went off, came back, and went off. The third time proved to be final for awhile. We ended up eating dinner at Nana & Papa's house. However, Daddy came home at 7pm to find our power was back on! So Mommy & me came home and started preparing for bedtime. I had a bath and went to sleep around 9:30ish. Then at 11:30 the power went off again. Mommy & Daddy were awake, but I slept like a baby (hehe). Since Mommy & Daddy have interruptible air conditioning, the house wasn't even cooled back off since the power was off before. So the upstairs was incredibly HOT! Daddy took the mattress of the spare bed downstairs, and Mommy & Daddy tried to sleep. This really didn't prove successful for them...but I never woke. Then at 2am the power was back on. Daddy set up everything, and they came back upstairs to sleep again. I woke up this time - however, I was easily relaxed by having a liquid snack. The power is still on today - and Mommy & Daddy are VERY HAPPY that it is...

It is amazing how many things in life revolve around a discovery and invention over 100 years old!

Friday, June 24, 2005

3-month doctor visit

...and more shots, how fun.
Today was my 3-month doctor visit. I was 11lbs 9ozs and 23 3/4 inches. I'm still in the 50th percentile - average isn't bad. We saw a different doctor today - Dr. Kohn. Mommy & I didn't really like her all that much. She made Mommy feel inadequate. She seemed surprised that Mommy wasn't using a supplement besides breastmilk - but said I'm gaining enough weight so it isn't necessary. I think it was the way she asked the question that sounded condescending. She said I was healthy, and gave Mommy information for solid food feeding. Apparently she felt I should start solids next month. However, Mommy got upset because the information sheet stated:

- Doubles birth weight and weighs at least 13 pounds.
- Seems hungry after 8 - 10 breastfeedings a day or drinks 32 ounces of formula a day.
- Lifts and supports head.

I have to weigh 15 pounds before I double my birth weight, and I don't think I'll be gaining that much in one month. I'm never hungry after I breast feed. Mommy makes lots of milk. However, I can lift and support my head. But I've been able to do this for a month now (yay me). So Mommy is not too happy about starting solids. Unless she is convinced otherwise. She needs to talk to friends and ANOTHER doctor before making a decision.

Mommy asked if Dr. Kahn was a new doctor at the office, but thankfully she just fills in when others are on vacation. Phew! She didn't even know what vaccines I was supposed to have today - there is a'd think she'd know it. I gave her nasty looks (Daddy calls them surely) and said nasty things to her (but they came out as grunts)...and then she left the room. I had to get two shots - Polio (IPV) and Pnemococcal Conjugate (whatever). The first shot was really easy...I didn't even flinch. The second one hurt a bit...I cried...but not that long (maybe 30 seconds). Mommy has a fear of shots, and she is doing her best to have me grow up not having that same fear. GO MOMMY! We left after that and Mommy cried the whole way home. She really didn't like that doctor. I have to agree. Dr. Marcus and Dr. Jackie are really great. Mommy called the office back and found out that a new doctor is starting next month - Dr. AJ - and he wants to meet all the patients, so we'll meet him next time. So Mommy is going to give Dr. AJ a chance. If he doesn't meet her standards, then she is going to request we only see Dr. Marcus or Dr. Jackie. And if that isn't possible, she's going to go to another office.

My Mommy loves me very much :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

purple dress

...Mommy took this cute picture yesterday!
Daddy helped position me to look extra cute! I really loved the dress...especially the square of flowers by the neck. I liked sucking on that most of the day. My clothes are very interesting to me, and I love putting as much of them in my mouth as I can. Of course at least one fist accompanies it as well :)

We have a bird's nest in Mommy's hanging plant. Daddy bought the hanging plant for Mother's Day and not too long ago a mommy & daddy bird made a nest in it. My Mommy told my Daddy that she saw all the activity, but he figured birds wouldn't bother to lay eggs in a plant. But guess what?! They did! And then the eggs hatched and there were four baby birds. Daddy has been very careful watering the plant so that the babies would be ok. This morning my Daddy took a picture of one of the baby birds sitting in our evergreen bush. Isn't he (or she) so cute!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

thirteen weeks

...almost three months.
That's right! I'll be three whole months tomorrow. I think my Mommy & Daddy are surprised how quickly the time has gone. This is really a busy week for Mommy & me. We had Mommy's chiropractic appointment on Monday, although her neck still is sore. She thinks it's because she favors the left side when she carries me. I'm getting heavy! Then yesterday was Kindermusik. I really love Kindermusik. Miss Amy taught the class yesterday. It doesn't seem to matter who teaches the class, I love it just the same. Today Mommy & I cleaned the house. My Mommy is really quite a clean freak. I don't think the house ever looks dirty...but Mommy keeps cleaning every week. Then Papa Ray came over to watch me while Mommy made copies of music at Kinkos. I'm pretty tired now. Tomorrow we are going to meet Mommy's cousin-in-law in Brighton for lunch at Panera. I love Panera! Mommy is excited to see too :)

I'm wearing a purple dress my GG gave me. Hopefully Mommy will take a few pictures of me so everyone can see it. I love the dress so much!

Monday, June 20, 2005

my daddy is wonderful

...what a special weekend!
It was Father's Day weekend and it was great. Saturday we spent time with my Grandma & Grandpa Martin. It's always fun to be with them. We even went out to dinner! It was at a bar, but we left before the drunks came :)

Then yesterday I went to breakfast with my Daddy and met Nana & Papa and Papa Ray. My Daddy got to have a special breakfast. After breakfast we went to Greenfield Village. I slept the whole time we were there, but Mommy & Daddy enjoyed the walk and time to themselves. After Greenfield Village we went to Kohl's. Mommy needed two new pair of pants. She is losing weight and needed something that fit. After some quality Daddy time, and a visit by two of Mommy's old piano students - Emily & Katy Meade, we went to Nana & Papa's for Father's Day dinner. My GG & Papa Roy were there as well as Papa Ray, Aunt Kelly and Emma. What a party! I got really tired, and when we left I went to bed at 8pm! I always get real cranky after being around alot of people.

Today I was pretty tired and fussy. I slept most of the day, especially after Mommy went to the chiropractor. Hopefully I am happier and have more energy tomorrow. It's Kindermusik day!

Friday, June 17, 2005

lucky to have friends

...friends are wonderful things.
My Mommy is a very lucky person to have such great friends. I know it hasn't always been easy for Mommy to make friends. As she's gotten older her friends are few, but all the same they are strong. She got to visit with her friend, Gretchen on Wednesday, and yesterday we got to visit with Keli and her daughter Reghan. That's Reghan and I above...she's really pretty isn't she?

Wednesday night my Nana babysat for me again so Mommy could get a haircut. I have nice grandparents. My papa is babysitting today so that Mommy can focus on her teaching. Last week was a bit overwhelming. Mostly because the girls wanted to spend time with me, and weren't focused on the piano. So today should prove to be better for Mommy.

Mommy put me into a new outfit again yesterday. It was a cute pink onsie, pants, coat and blanket set from Steph & Olivia. Don't I look cute in it?!

Then Mommy put me in a cute headband one of my Nana's students gave me.

I love getting dressed in new clothes.
This weekend is Father's Day. I can't wait to spend time with my Daddy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

already 12 weeks

...and just yesterday Mommy wanted her pregnancy to be over.

Mommy & I went to the park to see her friend Gretchen, and Grethen's children, Leanie and Robbie. I slept the whole time, but Mommy pushed me in the stroller. It started pouring rain, but Mommy was smart and took an umbrella.

When we came home I played peek-a-boo with Mommy. Aren't I good at it!?

Then I played a bit with my favorite toy- Emma is letting me borrow it :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

tummy time

...I've never really liked tummy time.
Until today, Mommy & Daddy have been quite unsuccessful with introducing me to tummy time. The pediatrician says to do it, books say to do it, and friends say to do it...but they don't like to hear me cry as my face is smooshed into the carpet or blanket. Today Mommy and I were at Kindermusik class and Miss Mary wanted the babies to get back massages during intentional touch time. So Mommy turned me over and said that I didn't like tummy time. Miss Mary showed her a few tricks of the trade (Miss Mary is an early childhood expert). She rolled up my blanket and put it under my chest. I smiled and seemed to really enjoy the time I spent on my tummy! Mommy even started to cry, because I finally was accomplishing something that she and Daddy have had no success with. I think I surprised her a lot! Aren't a just the best!

When Mommy and I got home we were greeted by a surprise visit from her friend, Karen. Karen came by to visit and spent a bit of time with me. When they left I was really tired, and didn't stay awake much after that. In fact, I've been asleep so long that Mommy is going to have to wake me to change my diaper and feed me!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

ladybug dress I am in my ladybug dress from Grandma & Grandpa Martin.
I'm so cute! I didn't sleep the entire visit, and I was a smiley girl too!
See you all tomorrow :)

thoughts on target

...the sad truth is, I don't like Target.
Mommy worked again yesterday, and Daddy and I had a great time without her. But then they wanted to get a few things accomplished around the house. Apparently they ran out of space to put books. So after they rearranged the books and CDs (which hadn't been reshelved since my birth) they decided to go to Target to get another book shelf. Maybe it was because we stopped to see Papa Ray first, but I think it was because of the fact I only took one afternoon nap (20 minutes). I was asleep when we first got to Target. After a few minutes I woke in a good mood. Mommy & Daddy think that when I'm around a lot of people and noise I tend to get overwhelmed. Well, I just started to get upset, and had a meltdown on the way home. Poor Mommy & Daddy.

Today was grocery shopping day - I love
Kroger! The checkout people and baggers always talk to me and say how beautiful I am. Even if it isn't true :) But I know it is :)

Grandma & Grandpa Martin are coming over today - hopefully I'm awake and in a better mood. My Aunt Sarah & Uncle John are coming too. Mommy & Daddy are planning on going to dinner with me. I enjoy going places with them. Just not Target.

Friday, June 10, 2005

splish, splash last night was bath night.
My Mommy & Daddy thought it would be fun to take some new pictures of me in the bathtub. When I was 4 weeks old they took some pictures of me in the tub, and I was crying horribly. I guess I enjoy bathtime MUCH better now.

After my bath I read my favorite book, "Goodnight Moon". I'm in my cute green bathrobe Mommy & Daddy got from their friends Shelly & Doug. Of course Daddy had to help me with the words, as I'm not sure I can read quite yet (I am learning though).

After my story, I was happy to pose for a cute picture in my comfy robe. Then I was all tuckered out and fell fast asleep moments later.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

lunch with papa

...I was 11 weeks old yesterday!
I'm just the cutest baby! Mommy washed a bunch of new clothes for me to wear. Some are hand-me-downs and others are completely new ones. She took pictures of me in the pink pooh outfit her friend, Sandy and Sandy's mom, gave me. As you can see it fits so good, and is nice and comfortable for the crazy 90 degree weather we are having. Mommy loves taking pictures of me, and I have come to accept them too. I enjoy smiling and laughing when she takes them. Aren't I silly!?

We went to lunch with Papa Ray today at
Panera Bread. Mommy loves the new Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (minus the cheese of course)! I enjoy people watching, and smiling at my Papa Ray making silly noises and faces. We always have a good time. Papa Ray seems to like to sing, "Hello Zoe" to the tune of "Hello Dolly." I get an awful kick out of hearing him sing. In fact, he can usually sing me to sleep with that song! Can you believe it?! I guess I don't require much to make me happy.

Mommy says that tomorrow I get to spend an hour and a half with Katie, Emily, and Mary Rose. They take lessons from Mommy on Friday afternoons from 1-2:30, and I get to play with the two that aren't in their lesson! I'm really looking forward to it...I hope I don't fall asleep like I usually do when fun people come over!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

new clothes's a good thing I have a cousin 2 years older than me!
My Mommy and I visited Aunt Kelly and Emma today. Mommy went over to get a massage, but ended up getting quite a few 3-6 month summer outfits for me! This proved to be really convenient when I pooped all over my cute pink shorts outfit! So now I'm in a pink flowered POOH outfit...and I look so darn cute! I am so glad Emma was born at the same time of year as me! Mommy was glad to get new clothes for me, since she realized that there was only a couple onsies for 3-6 months in the drawer. Now we have more and it'll be great to wear clothes that Emma never even got the chance to (she was in 6 month stuff by now).

My Nana's retirement party was fun last night. I was the hit of the party, as I was passed from one person to the next to smile and make their night. It's pretty great being a baby and making people smile. My Nana is going to love babysitting for me this summer, and I know she can't wait to be done with school. to sleep I go...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

comments to me

...since some of you have wondered
My silly Mommy had the "comments" link set to "member" instead of "anyone". She changed the setting, so now anyone can leave a comment! Mommy will have to read them to me, but don't let that stop you from writing one!


...just got back from another morning of Kindermusik.
Mommy & I just love Kindermusik class with Miss Mary at the
Creative Music Center of Plymouth/Canton . My Mommy told me she used to teach Kindermusik to babies just like me, but now she gets to go to classes as a parent. She told me that she really enjoys taking the Kindermusik Village class, called Peekaboo I Love You! She never taught this class before, and she is having so much fun not having to worry about teaching it. Daddy says that he wants to take me to Kindermusik class in the fall while Mommy teaches piano and voice lessons on Saturdays. Between you and me; I think Daddy is a bit jealous that Mommy gets that special time with me each week.

Speaking of lessons...Mommy taught lessons yesterday, and like I had suspected, I was asleep the whole time Nana was here. Mommy didn't seem to be sad that I didn't wake up. I hadn't taken a nap all day, so Mommy didn't mind that I was asleep for three hours.

Tonight we are going to a retirement party for my Nana. She is a teacher, and in another couple of weeks she won't have to teach at her school anymore. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with her this summer ;)

Monday, June 06, 2005

no more small sizes more 0-3 month clothes for me!
Today Mommy seemed to be sad that she had to put more outfits away in the storage box. She put away the last of my 0-3 month clothes. I had two onesie-dresses that Mommy loved! One was yellow and one was white with a big pink flower (she took pictures of that dress). Unfortunately I only got to wear the yellow dress ONE time! Darn this Michigan weather! She told me that I had grown too big for the old dresses, and could now wear a few new ones! The picture on the top is me, today, in my jean sundress. My Mommy's friend, Keli gave it to me when I was born. You can see I'm very happy to be in a new outfit :) The outfit on the bottom is one my Aunt Kelly gave me and I'm quickly growing out of (even though the size is 0-6 months). I wore it on Friday, and Mommy hopes I get one or two more wears out of it. My Aunt Kelly says that she only paid $2 for it, so Mommy doesn't have to feel bad if I only wear it a couple of times. As much as Mommy wants me to grow, she is sad to have to say "goodbye" to beautiful clothes that people bought for me. I wish I could tell her that she will get to see all the gender neutral clothes again someday and she might even get to use the girl clothes again if she gives me a sister...

Mommy started back to work on Saturday. I didn't even know she was gone, as I slept right through her lessons (one hour total). Today my Nana gets to babysit me until Daddy gets home (Mommy works 2 1/2 hours tonight). I love my Nana, and can't wait to play with her! Of course I may fall asleep like I did with Grandma & Grandpa Martin yesterday. I'm a growing baby afterall, and I definitely need my beauty sleep.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

every day is an adventure

...for those of you that don't know me...
I'm Zoe Elizabeth Martin. I was born March 23, 2005. At birth I weighed 7lbs 6ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long. Yes, I simply look like an average cute, pudgy, baby...but there is more to me than that. I have a wonderful parents: mom, Michelle & dad, Jim. They love me very much. We also live with three cats: Mia, Misty, and Milo. Every day I get to go on a new adventure, and I love to learn all about the world I live in. You can come visit me on my site each day, and you'll have the opportunity to experience my new world with me.