Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall is Here!

We love fall. This year I am teaching Eva all about what happens in the fall. The weather gets cooler - which means jackets and sweaters. And leaves fall from the trees!

The cooler weather meant I could go fishing with Papa Tom! His boat is really cool! But I didn't like going fast on the boat. I was really excited to catch the fish, but not too excited to have it near me!

Mommy & I have been making projects with leaves (I even wrote a leaf story). And Daddy helped make a foamy spooky tree house! I am having so much fun making foamy holiday magnets all by myself. Mommy & Daddy are very proud!

We were not able to visit the apple orchard before the apples were picked, but we still have a lot of fun with the animals, eating cookies and spending time with Mommy & Daddy!

I started ballet and gymnastic classes, and Eva and I are both in swimming classes with Mommy & Daddy. I love taking classes by myself, and Mommy & Daddy are proud of me!

Papa Tom & me (and the rock bass)

Me & Eva with our painted pumpkins

Me and my foamy ghosts. All by myself!

Eva and her pumpkin cookie at Apple Charlies

Here we are looking at the animals. I loved the cow!