Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday School Children's Time

Here is the Sunday School Singers (not official name) at our church last Sunday, February 15th. We sang, and played, "There's A Little Wheel". It's a song all about having music in your heart. I played the guitar that Mommy and Daddy got me for Christmas. Cool, huh?!

There's No Business like Snow Business...

Boy has it ever snowed here this winter. Here are a couple pictures of Eva and I playing in the snow.

Friday, February 13, 2009

People we love...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Mommy suggested that we write about all the people we love. I suppose there are many people in our lives that give so much to us: time, love, patience. All the things that help us to become wonderful people in this world.

Outside of our family (too many to list actually), we love the Crombez sisters (and Mommy Mary), Uncle Joe, Uncle John, and Aunt Dana.

Mommy always tells us: All you need is LOVE!