Saturday, January 28, 2006

celebration of birthdays

...this weekend is a birthday weekend.

Today, when I wake from my afternoon nap, we are headed over to Gramma and Papa Brown's house for Papa Roy's Birthday. It'll be fun to see the Brown family.

Then, tomorrow, we are celebrating Grampa Martin's Birthday. We were supposed to celebrate his birthday last weekend, but because we were sick we changed the party date. Unfortunately it means that Aunt Sarah and Uncle John cannot be with us...but we'll see them soon I'm sure.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

yeah Mommy!

...Mommy has been accepted to Wayne State's Grad School!

Mommy will be going back to school in the fall to study and hopefully achieve a Masters in Library and Information Science, with a certification in Archival Administration. Mommy is very goal oriented and determined to do something new now that she's in her 30's.

Go Mommy!

Monday, January 23, 2006

double digits

...yes, today I am 10 months old!
Actually I'm 306 days old (homage to Uncle John). Mommy says it's so hard to believe that I'm almost a year old. She says that these 10 months have really sped by...I can believe her. Every day is an adventure.

I'm still cruising everywhere and really want to walk. Of course I'm just not there yet. However, I have started to call things by their names:
*baby doll - baaba da
*my Mommy, and all three cats (Mia, Misty & Milo) - mama
*pictures of babies & myself or talking to myself in the mirror - baaba
*my Daddy - dada
*when I see new people, or people again - hiya

I've also cut more teeth, so the total # is 5. Mommy says the other 3 are just around the corner. I love music and I can dance and play a variety of rhythm instruments. I love to head-bang, as Daddy calls it, when I'm walking with my wagon.

Unfortunately I'm sick with my second cold. I had another one at 6 months. I had a fever for a couple days last week, but it wasn't until the weekend that I had a plugged nose. Then last night I had a hard time sleeping without coughing. Mommy & Daddy are taking good care of me though, but it's no fun to feel bad.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


...the temperature I had at 2:30am this morning.

Yes, I have a fever...but Mommy and Daddy gave me some Tylenol and it seems to have helped a bit. I don't have any other visible problems to show Mommy that I have a cold or something else. But I have been crying very easily...I wish I could tell Mommy how I feel!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a new cousin

...yes, this summer will bring me a new cousin.

My Aunt Sarah (Daddy's sister) is expecting. The little one is expected in July. Mommy and Daddy think it will be a boy. Due to a communication misunderstanding, Mommy and Daddy continue to call the baby "Wicked". It seems appropriate if Aunt Sarah has a boy and he is wicked. Afterall, Daddy had a little girl that is so sweet and easy-going. Sarah will have to have the wicked boy baby.

Of course I'm just excited to have someone to play with when the Martin side gets together.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

and one more makes five

...yes, I have 5 teeth now!

It seemed to take forever to get the first 2, but in two weeks I've got 3 more! Three teeth on the bottom and two on the top. Mommy says that there are 3 more teeth to go...but for now...I have lots of teeth!

Daddy has been home the last two days. He is working from home while his car gets fixed in the shop. Icecicles damaged the hood on Christmas Eve, and now Daddy is working from home while people fix it. I really want to spend time with him, and I get confused that he isn't home to play with me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mirror mirror

...mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest baby of all?


Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy 2006

...happy New Year everyone!

Last night Mommy & Daddy had Aunt Kelly, Uncle Ed, Emma and Uncle Joe over to celebrate the end of 2005 and the beginning of a new year - 2006. They had appetizers and we all sang and dance. It was really fun. Of course everyone left by 8:30 and Mommy & Daddy were even asleep by 11pm. Mommy & Daddy were up most of the night on Friday (cutting teeth), so they were VERY tired by 11pm. Anyway, by midnight we were all up again because our street sounded like it was blowing up! Well, I enjoyed it...but Mommy & Daddy were not happy to hear the "sounds" of the new year.

Mommy says that people make resolutions to do things different in the new year. Like lose weight or find love, or even get a new job or go back to school. Mommy told me that she planned to make a resolution in 2006 that would have me taking naps in my crib by myself. However, a couple weeks ago that resolution was already achieved. So now I have no idea what Mommy will be hoping to achieve in 2006 -

But all I have to say is...