Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Lily!

Friday, April 28th was my friend, Lily's, 1st Birthday!

I was able to spend time with her and her Mommy, Jessica, at Kellogg park in Plymouth on Friday. We had lots of fun playing with each other. We took part of our gift to her as well. Mommy and Daddy recorded a lullaby CD and we gave her the very first copy of it! And we also gave Lily a cute dress to wear this summer. The other part of the gift will come on the 6th of May, which is Lily's party!

Yesterday Daddy cleaned out the garage! I got my very first cut...I scrapped my pinky finger pretty bad! Of course I bit off my band-aid, so much for that! Grandma and Grandpa Martin also came over to visit last night. I love playing stacking boxes with Grandma!

Today Daddy and Mommy have more stuff to do around the house - pretty soon we'll have the prettiest house on the block!

Tomorrow is Mommy's working day and grocery shopping day too!

Wish us luck, as we do our first 3-mile walk today!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

13 months and other things

My 1st Birthday

...Daddy went back to work last Thursday, but the adventures didn't stop!

Friday we saw Miss Jessica and Lily. Lily and I rode in my wagon and we ate, drank, and dropped things out of the wagon. It was fun to watch Mommy and Miss Jessica retrace their steps to find all of our droppings.

Saturday I helped Mommy and Daddy with their outdoor chores. This was after Kindermusik class and going to Lowes to buy the mulch and other needed items. I had so much fun climbing the stairs and making Mommy chase after me. It was SO fun!

Then on Sunday we went to Onsted to visit the Wiley family. Mommy was singing and playing for baby Naithan's baptism. Mommy is also now a God Mother. I didn't want Mommy to sing alone, so Daddy had to occupy my time by taking me on a tour of the church. I would have rather been singing with Mommy! I also had a blast watching Reaghan open her Birthday gifts - Reaghan is Naithan's older sister. She turned 6! She is old.

Yesterday I accompanied Mommy to teach the Crombez sisters and to grocery shop. I love having people smile at me - especially strangers. They are always surprised at how much I'm able to do. Lots of people think I'm younger than 13 months. Yup! I also turned 13 months on Sunday!

Today Mommy and I went to Kindermusik. I had to make-up for the classes I missed when I was sick.

Tomorrow we are going shopping with Gramma Brown. Thursday we are going shopping with Aunt Kelly and Emma. And Friday we are hanging out with Miss Jessica and Lily again. It will be Lily's 1st Birthday on Friday too! I can't wait to celebrate it with her.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

toledo zoo and greenfield village the last two days I've had two great adventures.

Yesterday Mommy & Daddy took me to the Toledo Zoo. It was my first trip to a zoo, and it was my first trip outside of Michigan. We saw lots of animals, but my favorite was the aquarium. We have fish, but none as colorful as the ones there.

That's me with Daddy on a turtle and me with Mommy by the fountain.

Today Mommy & I went with Aunt Kelly and Emma to Greenfield Village. I've been there many times before, but this time I had so much fun!

That's me with Emma in my new wagon. Gramma and Papa Brown gave me the wagon for my 1st Birthday. That's Emma and I eating lunch. Aren't we cute?

I'm looking forward to even more adventures tomorrow and Friday.

Monday, April 17, 2006

preparing for the MS walk Mommy and I walked two miles around the neighborhood.

We are preparing to walk 3 miles in the Warren, MI MS Walk on May 6th. Mommy and Daddy are collecting money to help in the cause: CLICK HERE TO HELP

Pretty soon we'll have to walk 3 miles around the neighborhood. It was really a long walk today - it will be even more fun to see different houses, yards, and dogs.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

walking and other stuff it's been awhile since I was able to write.

Lots of things have happened in the past two weeks: I started walking more than a few steps; I had walking pneumonia and an ear infection; Mommy had a birthday (31); and I've tried lots of new foods!

Last Friday Mommy and Daddy watched as I walked across the livingroom floor, they were so excited! I still crawl, but I do enjoy walking from object to object - especially to the kitties, Mommy, and Daddy. Mommy thinks I'm just cautious, but that I totally could walk all over if I just had the confidence.

Yes, I had a pretty crazy illness. I was sick for two weeks! The first week was a fever and a cold. The cold went into my lungs and ears. So I ended up sicker the second week than the first! It was pretty crazy! I had to take medicine and the blue stuff was really yucky!

I also have started to wear spring clothes. I'm very lucky that my friends and family gave clothes to me for my Birthday!

New food is fun to eat. I especially enjoy meatballs and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Every day is a new adventure, and hopefully now that it is spring I'll have more exciting adventures to share with you!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

the incredible edible egg

...this morning I tried my first egg...and loved it!

Daddy made me scrambled eggs, and I enjoyed putting the pieces into my mouth and saying, "yum, yum!"

Turning a year old opens up lots of yummy food. I've tried a bunch of new things in the last week like hummus, stuffing and eggs! I can't wait to try more interesting food!