Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Butterfly Adventure

I have been afraid of butterflies since I can remember.  I was very nervous when I heard our next field trip would be to a butterfly conservatory.  I was even more upset when Mommy was not going to be able to come.  Mommy had to speak at my school for career day.  I became a bit less anxious when Grammy and Papa Tom said they'd come along.

After learning about different butterflies, we were able to let them land on us.  My fear was conquered!  Here are some pictures!  By the way - I held my breath the entire time!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Science Fair & The Raingutter Regatta Race

Evie and I both participated in our school's Science Fair this year.  My class did research on birds and their preference of bird food.  Here I am with our class's project called Bon Appetweet!:

Evie's class did an experiment with flowers to see which dye colored the flowers best.  Evie told Mommy that she dipped the end of a flower in blue colored water said, "CHEESE," and her teacher took her picture.  Here Evie is with her project:

Then on Friday March 16th, Evie's class had their first Raingutter Regatta at the school.  Evie was very worried her boat would not win, because Daddy and her worked REALLY hard to make it perfect.  However, even though Evie didn't win she really had a great time!

The front of Evie's sail - that's her and I as princesses!
The name of her boat was the S. S. Princess (very fitting Mommy says)
 Here is a video of the race.  Notice that I run and hug Evie when it is over.  She was crushed.