Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Trip North

We just got back from the best trip ever!  Mommy and Daddy took us to Traverse City and to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Before we left, Mommy read three really great stories to Evie and me:

We were both very excited to see the places in the books.  When we arrived, we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge - it has a water park and this really cool game called MagiQuest.  Here are some pictures from the hotel.

Little Evie enjoying the bunk bed in our little cabin

Yes!  There was a cabin IN the hotel room!

We loved this silly old bear chair.

So much FUN!

The water park was amazing!

Here I am sliding down the yellow slide!

Evie couldn't get enough of these slides!

Evie posing by a totem pole.

Here we are in the "Big" pool.
Evie and Violet (one of the cast of characters ) at the lodge.

Evie coloring a picture of Violet - she spent a VERY long time on this.
Howling to the moon - another picture of the cabin.
We also went to the Sleeping Bear dunes, and had a wonderful time climbing the mountains.  Evie was determined to uncover the Mommy Bear, but I was thrilled to just be able to see the Baby Bears in the distance.

It was a VERY windy day!

Evie was happy to pose here - not me.

Running up the dunes with Daddy.

I loved this spot.

Running through the sandy grass.

Making it up another hill.

Here is Evie trying to dig for the Mommy Bear.