Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fairy Door Adventure

For Evie's Birthday, Aunt Kelly gave her a fairy door. 

Since then we have a group of three fairies that come and bring us letters, little trinkets and the like.  Their names are: Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme.  In fact, when I lost my last tooth the fairies ran into the Tooth Fairy!  Pretty cool, huh?

When we were in Ann Arbor to spend the night, Aunt Kelly shared that there are many different fairy doors around the downtown area.  Evie and I were really excited to go on the tour (so was our Mommy - big time).

So last Tuesday evening, after we went to bed, Mommy researched the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor's website: Urban-Fairies Operations (UFO).  She found great information, including a comprehensive map, to help us along our journey through downtown Ann Arbor.

More than anything, Evie and I wanted to spot the very secret Goblin Door!  It took awhile to locate, but we were finally successful!!

Here are some great pictures of our adventures!

Ann Arbor District Library - 343 South Fifth Avenue
fairy house amongst the books
Selo-Shevel Gallery - 301 South Main Street
Peaceable Kingdom - 210 South Main Street
windows of the fairy store inside Peaceable Kingdom
fairy store!!
stairs down to the basement?  Do you see the ghost?!
Sweetwaters Cafe - 123 West Washington
little window next to the Sweetwaters door
three happy fairy door hunters!
The Ark - 316 South Main Street
Red Shoes - 332 South Ashley
interior of the Red Shoes' door
Lexi's Toy Shop (next door to Red Shoes)
fairy garden outside of Lexi's
Ann Arbor Fairy Garden (close to Library)
The Goblin Door - South Main Street

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ladybug Adventures

The last two weeks have been VERY busy around our home.  Our butterflies went through the chrysalis phase and then one, by, one became butterflies.  We released the butterflies on the 4th of July.

Painted Lady in our Mimosa tree

Me, Mommy, and Evie after we let the butterflies go!

Mommy has also been letting us help her with dinner preparations.  Here we are making individual pizzas (which is also what we will be making for dinner tonight).

We also went to the Zoo last week.  Mommy took us to the Butterfly house there, but there were no Painted Ladies.  The butterfly helper told us that the butterflies at the zoo were tropical ones.  Oh well.  Mommy also took us to see the dinosaur exhibit and reluctantly let us get our faces painted!

Evie the Kitten and Me the Zebra
Yesterday we were very lucky to go fishing with Papa Tom. 

Here we are with Papa Tom - ready to fish!

Mommy came along too - she was excited to get out on the river!
And I caught a CATFISH!