Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Months

Winter is time for spending a lot of time inside.  Mommy thought it would make more sense to put our pictures in some kind of order.

We are continuing to learn a lot from homeschooling.  I love baking and cooking, and Mommy lets me cook and bake with little to no supervision.  We also love science projects, and this February we began chemistry in school.
Spelling with shaving cream!

My first cake - I did everything myself (yes it is two layers)

My first attempt at making vegetable noodle soup alone.

Salt added makes colors spread.

Not a good insulator. 

mass of liquids (water and oil)

Family Activities
We have been lucky to get lots of snow this year.  So we have been having fun playing in it.  We have also been doing art projects as well.  I found out before Christmas that I need glasses to read.  Evie was jealous, so Mommy bought her a fun pair too.

Structures made from toothpicks and gumdrops.

garland made from pompoms

Maggie in our first real snowfall.

Evie's drawing of her monkey.

Making Get Well Soon cards with our friend, Thaddeus.

Bird feeder

Our nails with Jamberry!

Evie loves Salmon!