Saturday, July 10, 2010

June with the Martin girls

Here are some of the activities that we've been doing in the last month.

Here I am at my dance recital.  I absolutely loved dancing this year.  This was my second recital, and my last with this dance company.  I am now taking ballet at another place.  They have ballet bars and walls of mirrors!

Eva is posing in the bee exhibit at the Toledo Zoo.  The kids area there is really awesome!  We went to the zoo with Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Joe.  Uncle Joe was working in Ohio in May and part of June.

Here I am as a spider.  They had real spiders there...they were super cool!  I loved climbing this wall.

This is me and my teacher, Miss Dee, at PreSchool graduation.  I am excited to start Kindergarten in the fall!