Wednesday, May 31, 2006

here comes the sun

...another beautiful sunny day!

We had a really special weekend! Lots of sun, swimming, and visiting with friends and family.

Today Mommy and I are going for a morning walk, and then Gramma Brown is babysitting me while Mommy goes to her 1-week chiropractor appointment. Hopefully she'll be feeling fine. Mommy also has a few errands to run and phone calls to make. This is a short week, so Mommy is having a hard time getting everything done. Mommy also is having major allergy problems...she doesn't feel up to par. Poor Mommy!

Tomorrow we are supposed to visit with Aunt Kelly and Emma and Friday maybe Papa Ray will be going out with us for lunch! There is always an adventure!

Friday, May 26, 2006

rainy...sunny it was a strange weather day. We had everything but snow!

Mommy and I went to lunch with her friend, Scott. Mommy hadn't seen him for 5 years - that's a long time! Afterwards he directed us to the Fountain Walk in Novi. It was our first time, and probably our last. The only thing that was cool was the fountain! There were a few stores, and places to eat...but mostly Mommy noticed "For Lease" signs on windows. Many storefronts looked like they had once been used. It was kind of a ghost-town!

This is a 3-day weekend. Daddy and Mommy are having the Wiley Family over on Monday. I am looking foward to seeing my friend, Nate, and his big sister, Reaghan!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

aunt sarah we go visit my Aunt Sarah. She is Daddy's sister and she is going to have a baby real soon. I'll have a new boy or girl cousin to play with!

I'm also going with Mommy to the chiropractor this morning...she is in need of help with her neck and back.

Then this afternoon, Uncle Joe is coming over to hang out with us. We are going to go on a walk and then have a spaghetti dinner. Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Joe are also going to watch LOST. Tonight is the Season Finale for LOST, and they are really excited about it.

I'm really enjoying the sunny weather. Last week was really rainy and cooler. Mommy seems to be in a better mood this week too!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

big girl shoes I got my first pair of BIG GIRL SHOES!

See the picture? Those are my new shoes! They are from the Ecco Store. Emma has been going there now for 2 years! She is an Ecco poster child. Mommy thinks she loves the rubber soles, but I think it is because the shoes are so comfortable. It took me awhile to get used to walking in them, but now I'm an old pro. I really love them. I even say "hello" to them...I know, silly.

I'm also getting a new tooth! The bottom right molar is starting to show itself. Mommy and Daddy found it last night after my bath. They had to use a flashlight to see inside!

I also got my very own cell phone! Gramma Brown got it for me because I was a very brave girl getting my new BIG GIRL SHOES! It is so much fun to hear the music, make the buttons work, and hear a recorded voice of my Mommy or Daddy! Mommy bought me magnets of the alphabet for our refrigerator. They are super big, but they are perfect for me! I'll be spelling words on my own before you know it!

It was really a great day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

first hair cut

...yesterday Mommy and Daddy gave me my first hair cut.

It was just a bang cut, since they were hanging in my eyes, but it was a hair cut. Mommy said that there were about 10 different lengths of bangs hanging down. Now there are about 3. The problem is the only ones left are the shorter ones. They do look a bit short, but I still gave myself a BIG smile when I saw them! I'm even cuter now :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day! is my 2nd Mother's Day...

Yesterday we went to Aunt Sarah's Baby Shower. Unfortunately Aunt Sarah had the stomach flu, and she had to be hospitalized. We know she was doing better at 3pm when the shower was over; however, we haven't heard if the hospital let her go...

On a happier note: We are going to Aunt Kelly's house today for Mother's Day. I love to play with Emma, and can't wait for the party to begin. Daddy helped me pick out a card for Mommy and he is helping her get the basement computer ready to transcribe music. Mommy wanted to have a day that is special and for Daddy to complete some projects around the house. He has started with the basement computer. He also washed the dishes after breakfast. Mommy wants to walk to Starbucks after my nap and lunch. Taking those 3-mile walks really put her in a good mood.

Here's to another adventurous week!

Friday, May 12, 2006

big weekend coming up

...more adventures this weekend!

Tomorrow, after Kindermusik, I am going to celebrate my Aunt Sarah's baby. She's having a Baby Shower at Gramma Martin's. I just hope I'm in a good mood for it.

Sunday is Mother's Day! This is the second Mother's Day I've spent with my Mommy. Last year I slept through all the pictures...but this year I bet I smile :)

I'll write more once the weekend is over...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

lots of new adventures has been over a week since I last updated everyone.

Last Tuesday was a very rainy day. Mommy and I met Miss Jessica and Lily at the Coffee Bean in Plymouth. Unfortunately it was dirtier inside than playing at the park! Poor Lily bumped her head, and Mommy and Miss Jessica have decided to skip the Bean for awhile.

Wednesday we went to lunch with Papa Ray! It was fun because after lunch Papa Ray went shoe shopping with Mommy and me. I ran up and down the aisles as Papa Ray chased me. Mommy found a pair of walking shoes. Now her feet don't hurt when she walks. When Daddy got home we all went to Toys R Us to get me a stroller. I never liked the one that was part of the "travel system", so Mommy hardly ever used it. Anyway, now I have a new umbrella stroller by Jeep. The wagon was really fun...but it made it really hard for Mommy to pull me more than a mile at a time.

Thursday and Friday Mommy and I walked to Starbucks using the stroller and shoes. It's about a 3.1 mile round trip, and Mommy really enjoyed walking with her new shoes! We could actually go a few different routes to Starbucks, but for now this is the most direct. I had fun playing outside while Mommy had a half-caf, soy, latte.

Saturday was the MS walk in Warren. We got to see our cousins Tim and Teri. Mommy wanted to walk the 3-mile route, but Team Martin decided to walk 2-miles so we could all stay together. Then we went to Freedom Park in Canton for Lily's 1st Birthday Party! It was really fun! Lily even shared her cake with me! I love Lily!

Sunday we did a bunch of outdoor activities around the house. Things are really starting to look good at my house.

This week is a much slower paced week. However, we have my Aunt Sarah's Baby Shower at Grandma Martin's on Saturday and Mother's Day is on Sunday. So Mommy is taking this week to clean and organize her house. We are still walking 3 miles a day, and there is always a new adventure to talk about.

Monday, May 01, 2006

3 mile walk...

Yesterday Mommy & I (and Uncle Joe) walked 3-miles around our neighborhood. It really takes a long time. I don't really like to be buckled in to my wagon after 2 miles anymore!

Today Mommy and I walked the 3-mile alone, but it was fun to see all the dogs and different birds and squirrels on the way. Mommy also taught piano lessons this morning and this afternoon/evening. We also went to the grocery store. was a BUSY day!

Tomorrow we are seeing Miss Jessica and Lily! We always have SO MUCH FUN together. I'm sure we will again!