Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here are some pictures from my school's Walk-A-Thon.

Yes, this is me: Zoe.  I ran/walked 4 miles this day in a skirt and tights!

Mrs. B. and Shelby keeping up the pace!

Here come the Kindergarteners!

Everyone likes a bit of magic during the Walk-A-Thon!

Happy 4th Birthday Evie!

Evie at her favorite restaurant - Panera Bread.
Evie loves her lemonade, grilled cheese and yogurt tube lunch.
The princess eats.
Cheesy, grilled cheese grin!

Tangled Party for Evie!  Complete with a cake from 

Monday, May 09, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We never thought the weather would get better, but it did.  My Kindergarten class planted the annual flowers in the planters outside the school last Wednesday.  Here we are:

 Here I am with my friend, Shelby.

 Here are my two friends, and classmates, Daniel and Trevor.

We had so much fun!

Today the Kindergarten class went to U of M's Interpretive Center and studied plants in the Organic Co-op Garden as well as flowers on a nature hike.  Here are some of the best moments!

The Kindergarten class at the Organic Garden
 A tin man scarecrow - so cool!

 beautiful trillium

 Looking at a hole in the mud...what lives there?

 Bluebells ringing the end of a beautiful day!

 Goodbye gardens!

Easter, Nature's Way

This year for Easter, Daddy and Mommy decided to try using natural colors for our egg dying.

We used beets, black tea, and blueberries in mason jars.

beet juice, blueberry juice, and black tea in mason jars

We tried different lengths of time, which became a science experiment.  Five minutes was the magic number.  Longer time didn't make the colors any brighter or darker.  However, less time seemed to make the color a bit lighter.  We also experimented with layering colors to see if the eggs would change. Here are some of the final eggs: