Friday, April 13, 2012

Time Off of School

This week Evie and I had time off from school.  We spent a lot of time having fun.  Mommy (and Daddy) kept us as busy as possible, because neither enjoyed the fighting when we got bored.

Here are pictures from the busy week.  They are only a small example of all the fun we had.

Evie sitting on a big chair at the movie theater

I took a turn.  The Lorax in 3D was awesome!
We had a blast at the new DRIVE AMERICA exhibit at The Henry Ford

Like our skirts and shirts?  Mommy's friend at Enchanted Schoolhouse made them!
The following are pics from our visit to the African Wildlife Safari!  It was our second trip - first one was two years ago: see here CLICK

Monday, April 02, 2012

Future Docs

One of my Birthday gifts this year was to attend Future Docs at Wayne State University this past Saturday.  Daddy and I went, because it was a program for children 6-12.  Evie is too young, and Mommy had to work.

I had such a great time holding a cow's eyeball, touching a cow's heart, drinking Shrek juice, making chemistry candy, having an ultrasound of my heart, having a picture taken of my eye, making a cast on my finger, and especially climbing aboard an ambulance.  I would love to drive an ambulance one day!

Here are two pictures Daddy took (notice how I wasn't even holding my breath like the butterfly pictures):